Diane Sarah

Medium Diane Sarah is a Evidential Medium, Psychic, Energy Healer and Reiki Master.  Diane Sarah is an Arthur Finlay College Tutor trained and mentored evidential medium. Medium Diane Sarah is the channel for spirit who wants to guide and align you to your Life Path.

A little about Medium Diane Sarah in her own words.

“I love being a psychic medium.   I get energized through my connection with spirit and helping others.   My life’s purpose is to serve spirit and give guidance or healing to ones requesting.  My gift is to tap into the Universal Intelligence, connect with Spiritual Realm (Other Side) and channel the God Force healing energy to keep you on track in your life.

I have always been a psychic medium and had trance mediumship hiccups along the way.  I was born a medium and seer (Clairvoyance).   As many mediums, I had many people visit me from the other side and had extraordinary experiences.  I have put in the work and followed the discipline of becoming the formally trained psychic medium.

My home is in Seattle with my husband, I love the rain and greenery of the Emerald City which is surrounded by water.   It’s just perfect for me!”

Her office is in neighborhood of Old Ballard in Seattle, Washington.  Due to Covid-19, She is using Zoom, Facebook or Skype.   She is a member of Tower Memorial Spiritualist Church and Spiritualist National Union.